Platinum Blunt Wraps Mango Flavored Wraps

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  • 2 blunt wraps per pack. 
  • America's Original Blunt Wraps. 
  • Premium mango flavor. 
  • Always fresh, foil-sealed pack. 
  • 25-piece display available.

You can't go wrong with a classic. Platinum Blunt Wraps are the quality wraps you know and love, available at a low cost.

Platinum Blunt Wraps Mango Flavored Wraps are loaded with the delicious taste of juicy mangoes. It's believed that eating a mango before you smoke will elevate your high... Put that theory to the test with these amazingly flavored wraps!

These blunt wraps are made from hand-picked tobacco designed for a slow burn, and uses a special process to ensure every inch is full of flavor.

Platinum Blunt Wraps come 2 in a pack in a resealable foil pack for maximum freshness and portability. There's no rival to the original blunt wrap. Grab a pack of Platinum Blunt Wraps Mango Flavored Wraps for your next Roll-Your-Own creation!  

25-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, receive a free display box for every 25 wraps you order. Display boxes are sealed boxes ready to dispense to your customers with graphics of their flavors printed directly on the box.

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