Premium California Mini White Sage 3 Inch Smudge Bundle

By: Druid Connection

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  • One 3" White Sage bundle. 
  • Natural, hand-picked botanical hand-tied with 100% cotton. 
  • Harvested and made in the USA. 

Cleanse & Purify with our California Mini White Sage Smudge Sticks. 3" to 4" long, wild-crafted white sage, our mini bundle is hand tied. Mini's have the same delicious fragrance as our larger White Sage Smudge Sticks. If you are a beginner to smudging or don't use it that often, this is the perfect size.

Pairs perfectly with our smudging dishes.

Burning sage benefits include a shift in the feeling of the space it is burned in from one of stressful or "bad vibes" to one that is very peaceful. The purifying smoky aroma of sage clears the air and helps one feel a sense of calm. It has a very earthy and botanical fragrance.

New to smudging? Begin by purchasing one of our botanicals. The two most popular are Palo Santo and White Sage. Hold a flame to the botanical until it begins to burn, then blow out and place it in the smudging bowl, abalone shell or incense holder. Let the botanical smolder. The smoke that fills the air is what you use to smudge in your space. You can simply walk around the area that you want to smudge, carefully waving the botanical in the air and letting the smoke fill the space.