Pumpkin 9" Mini Hookah, 1 Hose, Assorted

By: Premium Hookah

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  • 9" Tall 
  • Colorful pumpkin-shaped glass base. 
  • Our best-selling hookah for over a decade! 
  • Includes everything necessary to enjoy shisha, with 1 hose. 

When you want to try hookah without a big investment, the Pumpkin Hookah is the perfect piece for the job.

An easy 9" tall when assembled, this small water pipe is great for getting into hookah. The base is stylish and short, but able to hold a large amount of cooling, purifying water to enjoy your favorite shisha.

Be sure to grab some accessories and charcoal to get your hookah experience off on the right foot!

We carry Pumpkin Hookahs in assorted colors such as Red, Blue, and Black. The pictures above do not reflect our current selection. Each order will receive one color at random