Quartz Carb Cap Dab Tool, Medium

By: Downtown Hookah Connection

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  • Fits Standard Sized Bangers
  • Dual Use Carb Cap and Dabber
  • Made From Resilient Borosilicate Glass
  • Designed to Effortlessly Rest on your Banger

Why switch tools when you're ready to dab when you can simply flip your dabber over to carb your banger? This Quartz Carb Cap Dab Tool fills both roles without having to put it down and swap tools!

Built like a long, upright nail, this dual carb cap and dabber is made from high quality, crystal clear borosilicate glass to withstand the temperature of hot bangers and the weight of heavy dabs.

After vaporizing your dabs, simply flip this tool around to its cup-shaped side which can completely cover your banger, carbureting the vapor for the perfect draw every time. The small arched indent helps the carb cap rest on your banger without needing to worry about it falling off. Its slanted sides make it compatible with both traditional sloped bangers and more modern flat-top styles.