Randy's Hempwick, 4' Bundle

By: Randy's

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A Clean Light in a Small Bundle

Are you looking for a pure, healthy way to light your pipes, candles, or other items? Randy's, one of America's top smoking enthusiasts with over 40 years experience, brings you the all natural Hemp Wick! No carcinogens or noxious fumes, no synthetic materials to burn. Only clean, natural materials for a relaxing, guilt-free experience.

This Small Bundle is 4 feet long but, even lighting it several times a day, can easily last a solid month. Grab one to keep with you for travel, when visiting friends, or as decoration around the house for wherever you need a lighting wick.

Since this wick is coated with beeswax, it is waterproof and ready for any adventure!

All Natural & Organic Materials

Be health conscious and rely on a natural flame to light your herbs. Hempwick is made with only two materials: organic hemp and beeswax, combined to give a slow, clean burning lighting solution. Eliminate inhaling noxious butane and other carcinogens!

40 Piece Display Box Available

Receive a free display box when you buy 40 of these Hempwick bundles! The display box is packed to the brim with all 40 bundles and some leaflets explaining their benefits for your friends or customers to read. Simply open it up and place it on your store shelf or counter to distribute!

See above for examples of how the display looks. If you have any questions, call your wholesale rep for more details, and be sure to sign up for a wholesale account if you don't have one!