Randy's Pilot 2.0 Dab Pen, Silver

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  • 900 mAh battery. 
  • Includes 2 unique mouthpieces. 
  • No-splash dual quartz coil heats to 480° F within 4 seconds. 
  • Max temperature of 840° F. 
  • Built-in silicone container at base of battery. 
  • Stainless steel Silver finish. Also available in Matte Black.

Building on the success of the original, the Randy's Pilot 2.0 is poised to be the best portable dab pen and e-rig to enjoy your waxes and concentrates. It's slim size coupled with fast, high-temp heating and an open-top mouthpiece that gives you direct access to the heating coil inside will make the Pilot 2.0 the best portable way to enjoy concentrates.

With a single button you can power the device, adjust the temperature, and engage the Pilot's pre-heat function. The top atomizer is made of 3 parts: the base connects to the battery with a 510 connection and allows you to adjust airflow; the no-splash dual quartz coil dish connects to the base with another 510 connection, and both of those parts have little rubber o-rings allowing the final piece, the mouthpiece of your choice, to be slid on with a snug fit so all vapor goes straight to you without dissipating.

The Pilot 2.0 includes two mouthpieces:

  1. glass dome for conventional portable dabbing. Remove the dome, place your material in the ceramic chamber, and replace the dome to take your dabs with you for when you're ready to enjoy them. 
  2. An open-top domeless mouthpiece which allows direct access to the ceramic chamber. Using the included Concentrate Dab Tool & Cover, you can directly dab into the Pilot 2.0 like a conventional dab rig or e-rig, with the tool functioning as both a scoop and a carb cap!

All together this means you can enjoy dabs your way, making the Pilot 2.0 not only the best portable electric dab rig on the market, but also the most fun!

Included with the Pilot

The Randy's Pilot 2.0 includes everything shown above and more!

  • Glass Dome Mouthpiece
  • Open-Top Domeless Mouthpiece
  • No-Splash Dual Quartz Chamber with base
  • 900 mAh Pilot 2.0 Battery, with built-in silicone stash jar
  • Dab Tool & Cover
  • USB Charger
  • Gift Box
  • Instructional Manual
Battery mAh:
900 mAh
Connection Type:
510 Thread