RAW Black Half Ounce Smell Proof Smokers Pouch v2


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  • Keep strong smells contained! 
  • 5 layers of smell-blocking, terpene-retaining fabric. 
  • Natural fabric with a double siliconized zipper for waterproof storage. 
  • Small size holds 1/2 ounce of your favorite herbs. 

Keep smells and terpenes where they belong: sealed inside of your herbs! The new RAW Smoker's Pouch is made with 5 unique layers to keep smells and terpenes contained for the ultimate smell proof storage and transport bag.

Every piece of this bag comes together to provide the best package for locking in smells. Chief among them is a carbon foam layer, made with activated charcoal to trap all smells before any get out! But that's not the only layer at play. It all starts inside of the aluminum baggie, which also has a double siliconized zipper to keep moisture out and terps in. This bag goes inside of the burlap bag where the next 4 layers capture and trap all smells. That's right, this is essentially 2 bags in one! But while one bag ensures your terpenes stay in your herbs, the other bag stops any smells from getting out. When you place your herbs in a zip lock baggie inside all these layers, you can have the dankiest of dankensteins while sitting next to the Pope and you won't even break a sweat because you know no smell is getting out!

This Small size bag holds a half ounce of your favorite herbs. Be sure to check out the Medium size which holds one full ounce!

Pro Tip: Place the aluminum bag upside down inside of the burlap bag to be doubly sure every scent gets locked in!

Save your smells! The RAW smokers pouch has 5 layers of smell resistant materials and a full-foil removable insert bag! Intelligently designed to keep your materials extra fresh and lock in terps. Other bags may rob your terps with direct charcoal contact. Ours locks them in the foil and any smells that may escape the lock are then caught in the level 2 charcoal filter section. The dual bag-in-bag smell-lock foil makes spilled materials easy to get out (they won’t get stuck on the materials like other bags). The zippers are siliconized and water resistant. These genius pouches are designed to last!

Josh Kesselman