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  • Newest 2021 Version! Improved design fits between King size and 1 1/4 size cones. 
  • Next Level Ash Tray: contain all ashes from your best roll. 

Enjoying a good smoke is great. What's not great is trying to find a spot to ash! Worry no more: RAW has a new innovation to eliminate that!

The Raw Catcher is the world's first ash tray which connects directly to your blunt! You won't even know it's there, but it will be working the whole time to collect every bit of falling ash. When your smoke is done, just empty the whole thing into a trash bin and it's done!

Whether you're in a car, at a concert, or at a friend's house and too embarrassed to ask where to ash- grab a RAW Catcher to never worry where ash falls again!

Improved Second Version

The RAW Catcher has been upgraded to handle most common sized RAW Pre-Rolled Cones! The silicone ring will hold any size between King Size Cones and 1/14 Cones, including 98 Specials!

Always use protection! Stop getting ash and burn marks on your shirt / pants / shoes / couch / carpet / spacesuit with our latest invention – The RAW Catcher! Put the RAW Tip through the Catcher’s holder and smoke it like you would normally – the heat-resistant nylon body will catch your ash as your smoke! The RAW Catcher also has a flat base so you can set your cone down anywhere it’s stable. Our new and improved version has a rubberized holder! US Patent Pending #RAWinnovation


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