RAW Classic Emperador 7" Pre-Rolled Cones


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  • 1 Cone per Packet
  • 180mm (7 Inches) Long!
  • Classic & Iconic Raw Paper
  • 24 Piece Display Available

Feel like an "Emperor" when you show up to your next party- or simply enjoy for your next smoke- a RAW Classic Emperador 7" Pre-Rolled Cone! Raw King Size Cones are only about 3.25" long- that means this Emperador is more than twice the size of a King!

Like all of Raw's Pre-Rolled Cones, the Emperador is already rolled and includes a tip so all you have to do is fill it, close it, and smoke it!

These Emperador cones are made of the same Classic papers that Raw is famous for, using natural, unrefined fibers to create an unparalleled smoking experience. You don't want things getting in the way of the flavor of your herbal blend! Trust Raw to give the best experience you could ever imagine.

If 7" isn't enough for you, we also carry Raw's out-of-this-world 12" Supernatural Pre-Rolled Cone, or you can be the real life of the party with the RAW 20-Stage RAWket Launcher Pack! Find the best cones and papers for you on Raw's brand page.

Receive one packet containing 1 Emperador Cone per quantity ordered.

24 Piece Display Available

Receive a FREE display box when you order 24 Emperador Cones! All of the cones will be shipped in a sealed, closed box ready to be opened on your store counter or shelf, or party, and distributed. Simply add 24 of these Raw Classic Emperador Cones to your cart and receive them all bundled inside their display box.

A Word from Raw

Raw loves everything they make. Here's what they have to say about the Classic Emperador cones:

The RAW Emperador is essentially a double-kingsize cone! It’s around 8″ long which is just long enough to still burn perfectly YET have so much oomph that it will smoke out a small crowd. This one is very popular for parties and gatherings!
Packet Size:
1 Cone
Display Box Size:
24 Packets