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Pack & Light with a Sustainable Lighter

  • Refillable
  • Replaceable Flint
  • Poker Tool
  • Adjustable Flame - Tilt for a flame strong enough for dabs!
  • Made from Recycled Nylon
  • 48 Piece Display Available

Clipper lighters are multi-function, refillable, and have replaceable flint, making them both versatile and sustainable. It's no wonder that RAW has invested in personal branding on these lighters since they reflect the brand so well!

Each RAW Clipper Lighter is filled with isobutane, which burns cleaner and stronger than normal butane, and can be easily refilled by the charging port at the bottom. What makes Clipper lighters unique, though, are the removable poker & flint chamber.

But that's not all! Clipper lighters are designed with a unique flame that gets stronger the more it is tilted. To light your smokes, keep it upright; for pipes and bowls, hold it sideways; if you want to use a clipper lighter to heat concentrates? Don't worry, it can be done! Tilt the lighter at a low angle for a larger, stronger flame, capable of heating quartz bangers to melt dabs and waxes!

Poker & Packer

A Clipper lighter is more than just a lighter! The striker can double as a poker, and the base of the lighter can serve as a bowl packer, but creative smokers are sure to find more ingenious ways of utilizing these amazing clipper eco lighters to their fullest!

Using a Clipper Lighter as a Poker

Let's take a moment to talk about how to roll a joint with a clipper lighter. The secret to good rolls is to pack your herbs enough that you get a good amount in your smoke but loose enough that air will flow through. You'd be doing yourself a disservice if you aren't using a poker to pack your material! Now with a clipper lighter you can both prepare and light your smokes with one device.

Pull on the metal striker and it will pop out to reveal a 1 ¼" rod which you can use to pack your rolled smokes. Just give the herbs a few taps and load in some more, tamp that down and close it up for a perfect smoke. When you're ready, replace the striker in the lighter body and light it up!

Using the Raw Clipper Lighter to Pack your Bowl

It may not seem like it at first glance, but the round body of the clipper lighter is perfect for packing your dry herb bowls! Whether it's an old hand pipe, a glass bowl on your bong, or anywhere in between, use the ⅝" round bottom of the lighter to gently tap your materials in for the perfect smoke.

Replacing the Clipper Lighter Flint

Clipper lighter flint will last through thousands of uses, but eventually you will need to replace it. Having a replaceable flint is one of the sustainable facets of owning a Clipper Lighter: with proper care, it will last your whole lifetime! When it is time to replace the flint inside, it's so easy a child could do it- but, of course, a child should never be near a lighter, and this lighter is designed to be child proof, so maybe that was a bad analogy; so easy an adult can do it!

  1. Start by pulling out the metal striker and poker. At the end of it is a little piece that can be loosened with a coin or your fingers. Untwisting this will reveal a spring which presses the flint against the striker.
  2. Simply remove the flint and replace it with a new one, and screw the spring and end back inside, and you're ready to light some more!

Buy 48 and Receive a Display Box

Get a FREE display box when you buy 48 RAW Clipper Lighters! Buy a healthy amount of these popular and eco-friendly lighters for your store and come back when you need more! We sell all of our Raw products wholesale, including these lighters. If you are a business owner and interested in getting wholesale pricing with us, register for a wholesale account if you haven't already. Don't delay!

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  • 5
    It was good and came with a sticker too!

    Posted by Jay dot on Oct 14, 2020

    It came in nice and brand new I really like the lighter !

  • 5
    Raw Clipper Lighter

    Posted by caroline on May 07, 2020

    Solid clipper lighter, have purchased many times and gets the job done! Flame is big compared to standard Bic lighter flame.

  • 5
    Great lighter

    Posted by Anonymous on May 03, 2020

    Always go for clipper lighters and waterbeds n stuff delivered! Love the lighter and the "poking" ability

  • 5
    Great lighter

    Posted by Anonymous on May 03, 2020

    Always go for clipper lighters and waterbeds n stuff delivered! Love the lighter and the "poking" ability