RAW Munchies Box


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  • Small sized rolling tray, 11" x 7", covering a 3" deep stash box. 
  • Made from the same thick metal that make RAW trays famous. 
  • Perfect gift for any RAW collector. 

Leave it to RAW to be on the cutting edge of innovation! This ingenious creation is a stash box topped with a rolling tray!

This is a metal stash box 3" deep and its lid is a special RAW Small Rolling Tray (11" wide, 7" tall).

Keep all of your stuff inside: your RAW papers, RAW cones, grinders, and, most important of all, your flower. When it's time to roll, just take it out and use the rolling tray lid to make your creations! Then, clean up with no mess: just put everything back inside and close it with the rolling tray until next time.

This tray is beautiful and made from the same thick metal that RAW is famous for. If you're looking for a clever way to stash your stuff and you love RAW, nothing can beat this RAW Munchies Box!

Is your rolling setup too big? Do you get yelled at for leaving all of your rolling supplies around the house? We created the deep dish RAW Munchies Box with a small rolling tray on top and storage underneath to store all your swag. You can’t play until you put your sheet away!


Tray Size:
Small (11" x 7")