RAW Natural Rolling Box


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RYO Storage and Rolling Tray

The perfect companion for any Roll Your Own enthusiast, the RAW Natural Rolling Box has everything a roller needs: a compartmentalized box on the bottom enclosed with a magnetic rolling tray top.

The inside of the box is divided in half and comes with one movable divider to create the perfect compartment to suit your needs.

Both sides of the lid of this rolling box can be used to roll your smokes: the bottom is smooth and curved, with an indentation for your papers to support the perfect roll; the top of the box, though ornamentally engraved, is designed so it can be used as a tray without your material getting stuck in the wood.

RAW has been producing these boxes for almost a decade now, and it is by far their most popular! Grab one today for yourself or your friends!

The Raw NatuRAWl Box measures 8.75″ x 6.5″ x 2.25″