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  • The best lighter you'll ever own.
  • Integrated Wind Screen + Poker
  • Electric ignition - no flint or residue
  • Refillable
  • 30-piece display available

Introducing the new RAW Phoenix Lighter, the ultimate accessory for the modern smoker.

Engineered with a clean electric ignition, this lighter promises a pure experience with no flint smoke and no residue, ensuring your hands and pockets remain clean.

The integrated windscreen offers an uninterrupted flame in the breeziest conditions, while the built-in poker adds convenience to your smoking ritual.

Not only is this lighter refillable, saving you money and reducing waste, but it also boasts a durable housing that withstands the test of time.

Embrace the fusion of functionality and durability with the RAW Phoenix Lighter - a testament to superior smoking accessories.

The RAW Phoenix Lighter is the ultimate smoker’s lighter and the most RAWesome lighter in the world!

Designed to be the most over the top true smoker’s lighter of all time! integrated wind screen to help spark up on windy days, built-in adjustable true poker (because every toker needs a poker), easy-grip don’t-slip design, and it’s refillable!


30-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase multiples of 30 of these RAW Phoenix Lighters to receive them packaged inside a free display box ready to be opened in your store. See pictures above for examples.

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Product Type:
Pocket Lighter
Electric Ignition
Built-in Windscreen
Built-in Poker
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