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Are you preparing for a trip out of this world? No space flight is complete without the RAW Spacesuit Onesie.

Soft, comfortable, and sized just right, the RAW Spacesuit has everything you need for your travels. Wearing this onesie will strap you in and you'll feel the G's pull you into your couch.

RAW Spacesuits feature a removable velcro facemask and the rolling tray pouch features the RAW logo and makes rolling easy! When you’re smoking with the RAW Spacesuit, RAW literally has you covered! Be aware when ordering that these onesies are oversized for extra comfort, size down when needed. So grab up the new and improved RAW onesie before they’re gone!

The awesome RAW Onesie now has slight changes from the O.G. Style: including a tighter fit, a removable mask and a RAW logo on the tray.

I just want to put it on and stay home, smoke out, then smoke some more, maybe take a nap, maybe eat something and then smoke some more.

Josh Kesselman, RAW Founder

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