RAW Orange Soda Terp Spray


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  • Dominant Terps of Dominant Terps of Myrcene – Intensifies and Amplifies!
  • 5 mL bottle of liquid terpenes. 
  • 8-piece display available. 

Unlock the true power of the plant with the RAW Orange Soda Terp Spray.

Raw cannabis-native terpenes are extracted straight from the plant to create flavor- and effect-altering terp sprays, making them an awesome way to augment your joints and cones. Just spray some on, let it soak in, and then enjoy your terpene-infused smokes.

Orange Soda Terp Spray has dominant terps of the terpene Myrcene. Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes in cannabis and is also present in many therapeutic herbs used in medicine for millenia.

But where myrcene terpenes are most common is in mangoes. And as popular belief goes: if you eat a mango before you smoke, your experience will be elevated.

So skip the mango and enhance your sessions with Orange Soda Terp Spray!

RAW Orange Soda Terp Spray - 5 mL bottles – sold individually.

Myrcene, also found in mangoes, is rumored to iintensify the effects of smoking! Ever heard that eating mangoes before smoking elevates you higher? That's because of the high levels of myrcene! Myrcene is responsible for that cbd amplification. Terps are one of the first things to dissipate from material (if you can smell it, that means it's dissipating from your material). Now you can add terps back in and elevate to a whole new level!


5 mL
Orange Soda
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