Red Skull Gas Mask with Skull Tube


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Chillin' Like a Villain

Take your party time, or personal time, to new heights with this devilishly awesome Red Skull Gas Mask, complete with a short 8" Acrylic Skull Tube, attached by clear tubing, and stylish polarized glasses. The mask is constructed of stiff, sculpted fabric which is soft and comfortable but will hold its shape. The mask is designed to comfortably fit most sizes thanks to its elastic sling in the back which will cradle the head without thin straps.

The included tube connects to the gas mask with a snug fit, and the tube is capped with rubber tubing, allowing it to be freely held more naturally than some other gas mask styles. The body of the acrylic tube is fashioned with a skull to hold an extra amount of water, if wanted, to cool and diffuse your smoke.