Rolling Up with the Elves Dab Pad

By: Roilty Extracts

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  • 9.25" x 7.5" Dab Pad
  • Keebler Elves Parody Artwork with Cannabis and Dab Wax
  • Protects Furniture from Glass and Concentrates

The Keebler Elves have moved out... and the Cannibidol Elves have moved in! Big buds and dripping waxes adorn the parody artwork of this dab pad from Roilty Extracts: Rolling Up with the Elves! Two elves add herbs and juicy waxes to an extra large blunt waiting below. This bright artwork is enough to kick any dab session off right!

Protect your furniture with a Dab Pad today! Acting as a "coaster" for your glass to protect your table tops and counters, Dab Pads stop scratches and any sticky resin from contaminating your surfaces. Shop our Dab Pads & Mats category for a wide selection of fun, colorful dab pads for your pad!