Royal Blunts EZ Roll Tube Sour Apple Blunt Wraps

By: Royal Blunts

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  • 1 cigar wrap per pack. 
  • Easy to roll, just lick and stick. 
  • Premium flavor. 
  • 25-piece display available. 

Royal Blunts are a premier brand of blunt wraps found in convenience stores all over America. Experience what makes them so iconic with this pack of Royal Blunts EZ Roll Sour Apple Blunt Wraps.

These blunt wraps are packed with the tangy sour apple flavor you crave, reminiscent of the terpene Caryophyllene. Just fill the wrap with your favorite herbal blend and lick the edge once you roll it up to seal your blunt up tight.

Every foil package contains 1 cigar wrap, which is large enough to roll 2 blunts from.

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25-Piece Displays Available

Wholesale customers: receive a free display box when you order 25 of these wraps. Each display box will be full of your ordered wraps and sealed, ready to be opened and dispensed on your store shelf.

Wraps per Pack:
Sour Apple
Display Box Quantity:
EZ Roll Tube