Safe Escape Pepper Gel & Car Safety Tool

By: Sabre

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Multi-Tool for Personal Safety

Finally, a tool to help keep you safe through life. Whether in your car or out of it, get peace of mind with this 3-in-1 Safety Tool combining the security of a strong red pepper gel with two car escape tools: a belt cutter and a window breaker.

Multi Functionality

This product is designed to facilitate the escape from a vehicle in the aftermath of a car crash, and also has a high-irritant pepper gel designed to only affect the target. Learn more below.

Maximum Strength Pepper Gel

Pepper Gel, unlike more traditional pepper spray, is a safer, more effective form of a protective measure. Unlike a spray which can contaminate the air and affect you as well, gel is designed to only affect the target, taking effect on contact with skin. This tool features enough gel for 25 burts, and Sabre's proprietary blend is 5x more effective than other brands.

Safety Belt Cutter

Hidden behind a safety clip so it won't cut unintentionally, the built-in belt cutter safely cuts malfunctioning seat belts in seconds. Simply slide the belt in and pull the cutter hard.

Window Breaker

Regardless of thickness, tinting, and even glass designed to be bulletproof; a strong blow with an intense point is enough to break most windows. This tool features a steel tip, covered by a removable silicon ring to protect from unintentional stabbing, used to puncture windows for quick escapes.

What Does Sabre Pepper Gel Do?

When used correctly, Sabre Pepper Gel can help neutralize threats by causing various effects on assailants, including:

  • Involuntary eye closure
  • difficulty breathing
  • Skin burning
  • Aggravated tear ducts and sinuses

When Should I Use my Sabre Pepper Gel

For complete peace of mind, carry the Sabre Pepper Gel with you at all times. Deploy when you feel your safety is in jeopardy or you are attacked, then run and call the police immediately- do not try to capture your attacker!

How Do I Deploy my Sabre Pepper Gel?

  • Grip so that index finger is under nozzle on case.
  • Slip thumb under flip top, then press down to fire.
  • Spray from ear to ear across the eyes.
  • Once eyes are affected, aim for nose and mouth.
  • A stream will reach up to 12 feet (4 meters) in front of you.
  • Shield face when firing into the wind.
  • Release pressure to stop firing.
  • Sidestep and escape to safety.

How do I Use the Safe Escape to cut my seat belt?

  • Keep the Safe Escape within arm's reach. Locate and release the product from the car keys if attached.
  • Slide seat belt into the seat belt cutter on the front of the Safe Escape. The Safe Escape nozzle should be pointed downward and not toward you.
  • Pull seat belt tight at waist or chest.
  • While holding the seat belt tightly, slide the Safe Escape upward to cut through the seat belt. Then use the Safe Escape to release the other passengers, small children first, from their restraints.

How do I use the Safe Escape to break my car window?

  • Keep Safe Escape within arm's reach.
  • Remove the silicon ring from around the window break on the bottom of the Safe Escape.
  • Hold the Safe Escape with your thumb OVER the top of the flip top safety - DO NOT place thumb under the flip top safety or you will likely deploy the pepper gel.
  • Hit the side window with the metal window break tip on the bottom of the safe escape by swinging it like a hammer.
  • Window may need to be hit multiple times to break depending on your strength.
  • Protect your eyes and face by shielding them with your other hand, and let other passengers do the same. Once the glass is shattered, use the product to get rid of the remaining glass around the window edges.
  • Do not attempt to use on the front windshield or rear window - Use on side windows only.

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