Satya Nag Champa Stick Incense, 250 gram

By: Satya

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  • Approx. 170 sticks per pack. 
  • Hand rolled in India. 
  • Sweet, uplifting floral fragrance. 
  • 4-piece display available. 

Hand rolled in India, this premier incense helps open up your core to abundance and positive energy and also helps uplift your moodNag Champa is a fragrant blend of rich Indian Spices and exotic floral fragrances.

Satya Hand Rolled Indian Incense is packaged by weight. Buy the amount that's appropriate for you from 15 gram to 100 gram packages and breathe deep in the all natural and holistic ingredients of Satya's Super Hit incense blend. Find more weights and scents on our Satya brand page.

4-Piece Display Available

Wholesale customers, purchase quantities of 4 to receive a master case of 250 Gram Satya Nag Champa incense sticks.

Display Box Quantity:
Nag Champa
250 grams