Self Extinguishing Ashtray with LED Light


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Portable Ashtray for Car or Table

Click, Click! This self-extinguishing ashtray features a lid which can snap into place open or closed, able to stay right where you want it. When open, a bright LED light will illuminate the cup so it stands out, and the top features two channels you can rest cigarettes in to keep them in place if you need a spot to rest them. When it comes time for cleaning, this ashtray is composed of two simple parts: the top can be easily detached from the bottom cup so it can be emptied, and that's all there is to it!

This ashtray is just the right size to fit into a car's cup holder, making it a convenient accessory for any smoker's vehicle. But also, the cup is weighted so well it can stand up on its own on a table or desk or anywhere it needs to be!

These ashtrays are available in assorted colors, including Black, Red, and Blue.