Short Uncapped Metal Pipe with Plastic Mouthpiece

By: Pat's Pipes

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Keep It Simpler

A bowl and a mouthpiece. That's it. This pipe doesn't even have a cap! And why would it; that's one more thing to get in the way of you enjoying your blends. This short little pipe measures at 2" long and has a mouthpiece tapered like a whistle, decorated with a single o-ring.

Available in Assorted Colors

The color of the plastic mouthpiece is available in a wide variety including Blue, Green, and Clear, as pictured above. Each order will receive one at random.

Capped Version Available

If you want a version of this pipe with a smoke-through cap, we have that! It's available in colored anodized metal for a special touch of added flair, and if you decide you don't really want the cap on it can be easily unscrewed. So check it out: