Silicone Hammerhead Shark Pipe

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5" Silicone Hammerhead Shark Hand Pipe

Separate yourself from the rest of the herd with these Hammerhead Shark Silicone Hand Pipes! Crafted from pure food-grade silicone into the shape of a hammerhead shark, these pipes are an awesome and fun addition to the collection of any aquatic life lover, though scruffy sea captains may look less intimidating when smoking out of a shark-shaped pipe. Each one is molded to be about 5" long, with a carburetor at the top, mouthpiece on the bottom, and a glass filter bowl in the forward center just above the dorsal fin. They're available in assorted blues and gray, but each feature black accents for the eyes and fins. 

Food-Grade Silicone with Black Accents

Each piece of these silicone pipes are molded with care and attention to detail. On the body of the shark you can see and feel the gills and mouth molded into the silicone, and each of the fins and the eyes are black silicone to contrast the body.

Replaceable Glass Filter Bowl

Sitting atop the pipe is a hole awaiting a glass bowl insert, of which each shark pipe comes with a filter bowl, containing many small holes to prevent ash from mixing with smoke. We also sell regular glass bowl inserts if those are more your style, but if you ever need a replacement filter bowl we carry those too.

Get a replacement Glass Bowl Insert from Waterbeds 'n' Stuff here.

Replacement Glass Filter Bowl Inserts sold here.

Available in Blue, Light Blue, and Gray

These Silicone Shark Pipes are available in blue, light blue, and gray. We will do our best to fulfill any requests, but we can't guarantee your requested style will be in stock, in which case we will pick another at random for you.

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