Small 5" Round Dab Pads

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Enjoy sessions with peace of mind and fun with your favorite graphic dab pad! Available in an assortment of fun graphics featuring your favorite characters and designs, these non-slip pads have a soft cloth top and rubber, textured bottom to keep them in place and softly pad anything set on top. Use one to rest your glass on between or during sessions! These Small 5" Pads are each about 1/8" thick, and it's easy to find your favorite graphic for the top!

Protect Your Furniture

Almost everything these days, even innocent incense, contain oil harmful to wooden surfaces of tables or desks. Protect your furniture or counter tops from unwanted chemicals using a dab pad! They can also double as a mouse pad!

Assorted Graphics Available

Round Dab Pads are available in a wide variety of graphics and styles, from parodies of movies ("Dab to the Future", "Dabface", "Dabman & Robin") to featuring popular cartoon characters ("Portal (Rick & Morty)", "Cap'n Kush"), or even just a simple yet trippy design ("Wired", "Dabadelic"). Choose your favorite today to protect your surfaces through sessions!

Large 8" Size Available

Is 5" not enough real estate for your stuff? We carry a Large 8" Round Dab Pad product with the same graphics seen here but in a bigger package. 8" pads are awesome for holding everything you could ever hope to rest on them, from pipes to accessories to more. If you want a larger pad with the same graphic choices, check them out!

More Graphics Available as Square Pads

Here at Waterbeds 'n' Stuff we carry all the essentials you could ever need- and more! These round dab pads feature a wide assortment of graphics, but we carry even more in a square style. Featuring the likes of Scooby Doo, Flintstones, and Bob's Burgers, you can find our square dab pads and their own unique square graphics here. Check them all out and find the one that suits you best!