7.5" Floating Uptake Recycler

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Bent Neck

  • 7.5" tall. 
  • Twin uptake recycler with suspended second chamber. 
  • Bent neck for relaxed toking. 
  • Includes 14mm bowl. 

Experience the flavor-enhancing benefits of a recycler with the new 7.5" Floating Uptake Recycler!

Separated into two chambers, smoke-infused water get drawn up into a vortex on the second chamber, where the cool smoke is released before the water falls down to the first chamber again. This action keeps water moving which keeps the taste of your herbs of choice fresh and clean, while also maximizing their flavors with every draw.

The Floating Uptake Recycler is a brilliant emerald green with clear accents, sure to be one of the most dazzling pieces in your collection. Its dual uptake helps cycle water quickly to maximize its benefits, while the bent neck means easy, relaxed toking.

Each recycler includes a dry herb bowl for use right away, but we recommend grabbing a banger for the best dabbing experience.