Starlight 15mm Coconut Shell Charcoal Cubes, Box of 36

By: Starlight

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These starlight shisha charcoal cubes are made from natural coconut shells that were crushed and compressed. Everything about them is natural – even the bonding agent used. You can now enjoy the truest flavors of your flavored shisha thanks to the odorless nature of these coals. They are smokeless, and produce very little ash too. They contain no quick light chemicals either.

Getting your coconut coal cubes lit and ready to use is only going to take a few minutes. They are made so that you get to the fun stuff as fast as you possibly can.

Unlike other charcoals made from wood, coconut shell cubes last up to 3 times longer, and produce an even burn. Every session with these is going to have a notable difference. You can literally use our shisha charcoal on any hookah or smoking pipe you own. You are guaranteed a perfect smoking experience no matter what you use. They are also great for other stuff like burning incense too.

  • 100% Natural
  • Easy to Light
  • Long Lasting Burn
  • Odorless
  • Minimum Ash

Each box contains 36 pieces of 15mm coconut shell charcoal cubes.

Quantity Per Box:
36 Cubes