Stoner Girl Blue Ceramic Mug Pipe

By: Roast & Toast

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  • Combination coffee mug and hand pipe! 
  • Blue ceramic mug with white lettering. 
  • Holds 10.5 oz. of hot or cold liquid. 

You'll feel like a Stoner Princess with this pretty Stoner Girl Blue Ceramic Mug Pipe.

Vivid turquoise covered with a glossy glaze, this mug will soon be a staple in your pantry.

These mugs can hold 10.5 ounces of your favorite morning drink, hot or cold. And to make sure your mornings are the best, this mug has a built-in pipe, complete with a carb, running up from the bottom of the bowl to the tip of the handle.

Take a sip, take a puff, and take a break!

Capacity (fl. oz.):
10.5 oz.