Storz and Bickel Plenty

By: Storz & Bickel

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There's plenty to discover. Powerful heating, efficient cooling and an extra wide Filling Chamber combined in one single handheld device: the PLENTY. The result is plenty of vapor with first class flavor.

The Plenty is an affordable and solid handheld vaporizer that serves as a hybrid of portable and desktop design. It features a unique double helix heat exchange that guarantees efficient convection heating and consistent vaporization. Its stainless steel cooling coil ensures that each hit is as cool and smooth as possible.

Built off of the success of the Volcano Desktop Vaporizer, the ingenious German duo Storz and Bickel have created the Plenty to provide cool smoke for long sessions using innovative technology and their distinct industrial design. You’d be forgiven for mistaking this vaporizer for something that belongs in your tool box. The Plenty’s chunky handle, despite its utilitarian appearance, is ergonomic and comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. The most distinctive features of this vape is its striking metallic coil airpath and analog dial. These not only look great, but perform a useful function.

One of the most distinctive features of The Plenty is its large analogue thermometer. This may seem old fashioned, but it is as accurate and easy to use as any digital display. You can be sure that no matter what, you’ll know exactly what’s going on inside your vaporizer that can allow you to find your perfect vape temperature.

The aesthetic of The Plenty is nearly entirely defined by its distinctive metallic coil airpath. This curving, twisting, airpath gives each hit plenty of time to cool down before it hits your lungs. This is the ultimate lazy afternoon vape thanks to its ergonomic shape and this incredibly cooling ability.

If you love enjoying your herbal blends from the comfort of your own home and wish you had a vaporizer to match your needs, look no further than the Storz and Bickel Plenty. Grab one today and enjoy every smoke session!