Stratus 6mm Terp Pearl Kit with Banger and Vortex Carb Cap, Assorted

By: Stratus
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  • Flat Top Quartz Banger
  • Includes Two (2) Colored 6mm Terp Pearls
  • Cyclone Carb Cap
  • Stratus-Branded

This is the ultimate dab nail set up for the true dabbing enthusiast. The Stratus 6mm Terp Pearl Kit includes a flat top quartz banger, a perfectly fitting vortex carb cap, and two 6mm terp pearls. As you inhale through your rig the uniquely designed carb cap will spin, moving the terp pearls inside the banger and pushing your concentrate around to increase surface area and heat retention. This unique function ensures none of your concentrates are wasted and everything is vaporized for maximum vapor production.

This is a 14mm male quartz banger and fits 14mm female joints.

Both the Banger and Vortex Carb Cap are branded with Stratus' logo, the shield and rocket.

What are Dab Pearls?

Dab pearls are the latest innovation in dabbing! Terp pearls, otherwise known as dab pearls, increase heat retention to promote low temp dabbing. They are small beads of glass, typically high-grade glass such as the quartz bangers are made from, and range from these moderately-sized 6mm to much larger 12mm beads. They work in conjunction with a directional carb cap to be pushed around and move your dabs and waxes in all directions to ensure every last bit gets vaporized. The carb cap is very important: though a traditional directional carb cap could work, most Terp Pearls are paired with another dabbing innovation: a Vortex Carb Cap. These carb caps fit on bangers like the more traditional variants, but these are made with about 5 small tunnels that air can move through and are shaped in such a way that airflow from simply smoking will cause it to spin. The spinning Vortex Carb Cap will then push air into your banger and make the dab pearls spin too!

What's the Benefit of Low Temp Dabbing?

One of the fundamental parts of any concentrate or dab wax is its flavor. Each wax that has a unique flavor gets its flavor profile from terpenes, which are natural oils found in many plants.

Terpenes are in all dab waxes, but being able to enjoy them to their fullest is a tricky business. Terpenes release their flavor at very specific temperatures. If your dabs aren't hot enough, you won't get to experience their full flavor. Alternatively, if your dabs are too hot you risk burning the terpenes and breaking them down, leading to unpleasant tastes. On top of this, not only do all terpenes rely on specific temperatures for maximum flavor, but these temperatures are very close together and relatively low, around the range of 300 - 350.

But how do you efficiently vaporize your waxes at lower temperatures? That's where the terp pearls come in. The solid glass pearls retain heat much longer than the walls of a quartz banger, so once you get them heated up they will stay at a consistent temperature for the duration of your dab session. So instead of vaporizing your dabs in your banger, imagine instead that it's the pearls that will vaporize your material. Since it's the pearls that are hot, it's them that the waxes need to contact to vaporize, so moving them around constantly with a vortex carb cap will get all of your dabs turned into vape to enjoy, and at a consistently low temperature.

Take your dabbing to the next level with dab pearls today!

Available in Assorted Colors

We carry these Dab Pearl Kits in an assortment of pearl colors, including Blue, Black, and Red, and our colors are subject to change without notice. Each order will receive one color at random.

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