Stratus Bee Beaker with Freezable Neck

By:  Stratus
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  • 9.5" Tall
  • Freezable Glycerin Neck
  • Honeycomb & Bee Theme
  • Includes Matching 14mm Bowl

Stratus once again brings its bee & honeycomb theme to new life with this Bee Beaker with Freezable Neck. Unlike most of Stratus' other offerings, this water pipe is all glass, has an inline perc, and took a page from Krave's book and made a detachable glycerin-filled neck to cool smoke for smooth hits.

This bong has a clear glass body with artfully crafted designs contained within. The stem perc and neck each have a honeycomb design with sculpted bees on them, and the included bowl completes the look with the same honeycomb design.

To get the most out of this water pipe, take the glycerin neck chamber, which is separate from the pipe and can be attached with its 19mm Male Joint, and place it in the freezer for a few minutes. Afterward, you'll notice the liquid inside will not ice over, but the neck piece is freezing cold and ready for use! Just slide it onto the base at the top and enjoy chilled hits.