Stratus Silicone Pyramid Bong with Removable Perc, Assorted

By:  Stratus
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This product is available in an assortment of colors.

Modular Silicone Water Pipe

  • 11" Tall
  • Removable Dome Perc Chamber
  • Unique Pyramid Base
  • Ice Catch
  • 14mm Bowl Included

Whether you're looking for a new, unique piece to add to your collection or you know that squares are more space-efficient than circles, you can always count on Stratus to have a cool new offering!

The latest water pipe from Stratus is very similar to their Silicone Beaker Bong with Removable Perc: it's the same design with the same parts but with a more efficient pyramid base! If you think back to high school geometry (or ask Google for the volume of shapes), the pyramid base of this bong offers 130% more volume than a traditional cone-shaped beaker bong. More space means more cooling and a better smoking experience.

Covered with Stratus's iconic honeycomb and bee design, these pyramid bongs stand 11" tall and come in 5 distinct parts, one of which, the percolator chamber, can be removed to adapt to your smoking style! Without the center glass chamber the pipe becomes a compact 8" tall, but since the top neck contains an ice pinch you can still provide yourself with some luxury.

The center glass perc chamber is stamped with Stratus's logo and honeycombs in a reflective gold. The perc it houses is a Dome Perc: a covered tube that looks like a fountain as it brings water up to the second chamber and has it run down its enclosed sides, with the smoke-infused water cascading down to the awaiting showerhead-style slits at its bottom to blend it with the second chamber's water. As mentioned, though, this entire perc chamber is completely optional. Use it if you want, or if you decide to use this bong with concentrates (with the help of a 45 degree banger) as a dab rig, remove it for less percolation for cleaner tastes.

Available in Assorted Colors

These silicone bongs are available in an assortment of color mixes, such as Greens, Blues, and Cool Hues, all of which are pictured above, but many other color styles may be available. No two bongs will look alike. We cannot guarantee any color style will be in stock, and colors may change without notice. Each order will receive a bong chosen at random.