Grateful Dead "Bertha" Skeleton & Roses 3D Tapestry

By: Sunshine Joy

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  • 60" x 90"
  • 3D Artwork: Comes to Life with 3D Glasses!
  • Iconic Grateful Dead "Bertha" Skeleton & Roses Artwork
  • Constructed with Corner Loops for Easy Hanging
  • Versatile: Many Uses
  • Printed, No-Fade Artwork

If you are looking for the perfect gift to decorate the pad of a Deadhead, this is the best tapestry they could ever receive.

Take a trip to the Grateful Dead's debut album with this Grateful Dead Bertha Skeleton & Roses 3D Tapestry from Sunshine Joy. The familiar skeleton which graced the cover of Grateful Dead comes to life with a pair of Sunshine Joy 3D Glasses.

We'll give you a free pair of 3D glasses when you purchase any tapestry with 3D artwork like this one, because we want you to enjoy this tapestry to the fullest! Be sure to grab an extra pair of Sunshine Joy 3D Glasses for your friends, too.

This 100% cotton tapestry is printed, not quilted or woven, by hand in India, making it a strong, fade-proof hippie Indian tapestry. It's thin as a sheet and extremely versatile: hang it from the ceiling or wall, or throw it over the couch or futon; use it on the beach or at a festival in the park; use it to divide a room, or cover a pile of dirty laundry. The applications are endless!

This tapestry is 60" by 90", capable of fitting a Twin XL college dorm bed. The corner loops sewn into the tapestry make it easy to hang without worry.

Inspired by Stanley "Mouse"

Stanley George Miller, better known as "Mouse", has an extensive portfolio of work for bands including Journey and Grateful Dead. For their debut album, he illustrated a skeleton adorned with roses which became affectionately named "Berta," after the album's first track. Bertha has become one of the Grateful Dead's more recognizable icons, and here in full figure it is also known as "Skeleton and Roses." Stanley Mouse still produces artwork for bands to this day.