Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Black Shadows 3D Tapestry

By: Sunshine Joy

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  • 60" x 90"
  • 3D Artwork: Comes off the fabric with 3D Glasses!
  • Constructed with Corner Loops for Easy Hanging.
  • Versatile: Many Uses.
  • Printed, No-Fade Artwork.

Clear out the room. Hang up this tapestry. Turn down the lights, and get out the record player. Put on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, lay back, and take a trip with the help of this amazing tapestry. The Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon Dark Shadows 3D Tapestry features Pink Floyd's famous Dark Side of the Moon album art superimposed with a gray mandala which will float off the fabric with the help of Sunshine Joy's special 3D glasses.

Whether in a dorm or at home, for a teen or an adult, this tapestry is the perfect gift for any Pink Floyd fan!

This 100% cotton tapestry is printed, not quilted or woven, by hand in India, making it a strong, fade-proof hippie Indian tapestry. It's thin as a sheet and extremely versatile: hang it from the ceiling or wall, or throw it over the couch or futon; use it on the beach or at a festival in the park; use it to divide a room, or cover a pile of dirty laundry. The applications are endless!

This tapestry is 60" by 90", capable of fitting a Twin XL college dorm bed. The corner loops sewn into the tapestry make it easy to hang without worry.

Artwork by Chris Pinkerton

With over two decades of professional experience creating illustration and design, Chris Pinkerton has done trippy illustrations depicting Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and a wide range of many other topics including commercial designs for Terrapin Beer. Check his artwork out on his official design company site, Mackerel Graphics LLC.

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