Superior Balance Venus-600 Digital Pocket Scale

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Scale Capacity:
600 grams
Scale Accuracy:
1/10 gram

  • Portable digital pocket scale. 
  • 600 gram capacity, 0.1 gram precision. 
  • Clamshell-style case doubles as a weighing tray. 
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included). 

No larger than a flip phone, the Venus-600 Pocket Scale will soon be your go-to portable weigh scale.

With a capacity of 600 grams, the Venus 600 can accurately weigh larger amounts than other similar-sized scales. And when you need to measure loose materials, just pop the lid off and put it to work as a weighing tray.

The Venus scale supports 6 weighing modes (g, gn, oz, ozt, dwt, ct) and is powered by 2 AAA batteries which are included with every scale.

Don't leave weighing up to chance: just slip the Venus in your pocket and be confident you will get accurate weighs of the heaviest things you can imagine, all one one portable pocket scale.