Sutra DBR Mini Recycler & Bubbler Attachment

By: Sutra Vape

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Bubbler & Recycler for the Sutra DBR

The Sutra DBR is an outstanding portable E-Nail by itself, but when coupled with a recycler it reaches a new level of awesomeness!

This stylish recycler features a two-tone color design, accentuating all of its clear glass curves with green accents and a comfortably bent mouthpiece. As your material flows into the first chamber it is met with water to bubble through, filtering, cooling, and intensifying flavors, before it travels up to the second chamber to ultimately meet your mouth. What doesn't travel up continues to loop through, continuing to amplify before being drawn up.

Replacement Part for the Sutra DBR

Each Sutra DBR comes standard with one glass recycler, but if you're in need of another one you can rest easy knowing you've found it here for one low price! If you're interested in a new Sutra DBR Portable E-Nail, you can find one here.