Swivel Top Bocote Wood Dugout, Large

By: The Mill

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The Mill Pipe Bocote Wood Dugouts are made out of beautiful and exotic bocote wood from Mexico, meaning every dugout looks unique. Each of these bacote wood dugouts includes a metal bat one hitter fashioned like a real cigarette.

These dugouts are made with a unique locking capability: The top swivels, but remains locked thanks to the spring-loaded cigarette bat. To unlock the top, pull down on the cigarette and the top will freely swivel open.

These dugouts have two compartments, one to store your herb and the other is spring-loaded for your bat. Discrete and compact these are the perfect companion for a night out.

These LB Dugouts are pocket sized boxes that include a cigarette pipe and a storage compartment. All have a unique locking capability. The spring loaded cigarette releases the cap when you slide it down with your thumb.

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