The Mill Z-8 Square-End Wood Pipe with Smoke-Through Cap

By: The Mill

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The Mill's Z-Series pipes are throwbacks to an era when smoke-thru caps and a wood shank mouthpiece were conveniences at a high level: just take your loaded pipe out of your pocket and light up. You can return to it many times- simply tap the bowl a few times to mix up the load and relight. No smoke escapes when the cap is closed. The next puff is ready in an instant.

Those who like to kiss their pipe will appreciate the Z-8’s lip friendly shank. Go ahead, make love to this exotic beauty and enjoy all the benefits of smoke-through cap technology.

Over 40 Years of American Craftsmanship

Wood pipes are The Mill's signature line. These pipes have been crafted in upper New York for over 40 years out of the finest woods from all over the world.

Smoke-Through Cap