Thermal Quartz Banger Male 19mm With Carb Cap

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Featuring premier developments in dab nail technology, the Quartz Thermal Banger has a groundbreaking design. The double-walled concentrate chamber of this quartz nail keeps your concentrates and oils precisely where they should be: accessible and contained, ready to be torched. With this inset design there is nearly zero chance you wind up with dabs in the neck of the nail. Concentrates can be expensive so you should not waste any by losing it inside the curvature of the neck and joint. The barrier formed from the inner wall prevents this from happening.

If you really want to protect your concentrates and get the strongest hits, combine this Quartz Thermal Banger with a carb cap.

The connector on this piece is MALE. If you need a female connector, check out our 19mm Quartz Thermal Banger, Female.

Quartz Bangers will Heat Evenly

Why use a quartz banger? There are many options, between Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz, and more, but quartz has distinct advantages. Unlike Titanium and Ceramic, Quartz is easier to evenly heat and prepare; and, unlike Titanium which expands and has a chance to break or crack your pipe or rig, quartz retains its heat and isolates it near where it was heated. Thermal bangers in particular, such as this one, are a solid choice for low-temperature dabbers, providing a tighter and more enclosed space for the concentrate to vaporize in and helping to maintain heat for even longer than a typical nail.

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