Trailer Park Boys "Kitty Love" Glass Tube

By: Famous Brandz

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10" Glass Beaker Water Pipe

Show your love for the Trailer Park Boys with this Kitty Love glass water pipe! With an included diffused downstem, and a matching herb bowl, and featuring an ice pinch low on the neck, this cat-adorned glass beaker-shaped tube will be as fun to use as it is to look at.

19mm Female Joint at 45deg

On the side of this pipe is a 19mm female joint waiting for the perfect companion- but you won't have to look far, because a matching diffused downstem, made specially for this pipe, is included with this pipe!

Includes 19mm Diffused Downstem

The included diffused downstem is black to match other accents this pipe has. It extends 5" in to sink deep into the reservoir and properly diffuse any smoke that comes down into the water. At the tip of the downstem are 5 small equidistant holes to properly diffuse smoke. The downstem's joint is a 19/14mm, so it will slip into the pipe just right and properly house the included 14mm Male herb bowl.

Includes 14mm Male herb bowl

Also included with the Kitty Love tube is a 14mm Male herb bowl with a colored thumb grip that matches the other accents of the pipe. Constructed of thick glass, the bowl perfectly complements the pipe.

Ice Pinch

Built into this tube, at the point where the neck meets the beaker body, there is an ice pinch made of accent-colored glass. Since it is so low on the neck you can put in as much ice as you could ever need to properly chill any smoke that comes through the neck.

Premium Hand-blown Borosilicate Glass

Each Kitty Love tube is hand made of the best borosilicate glass for the best taste and easiest clean-up. Since each one is hand-made their construction may vary slightly from piece to piece.