Tulip Chillums

By: Avalone

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2.5" Fun Glass Chillums

Whether it's a taster, a bat, a chillum, or a hand pipe, these little marvels will provide you with delicious single hits. Hand crafted in the shape of a budding tulip, these little glass chillums are about 2.5" long. They are designed so the front bowl pinches in tightly before its body which is wide and bulbous to circulate the smoke before it meets your lips.

Available in Assorted Colors

As of 4/21/2020 we only have Red Tulips available. Check back for more color options!

We carry these Glass Tulip Chillums in both Red and Yellow colors. You can request a specific color by using the Order Notes during checkout. We receive these in a random assortment, however, so we cannot guarantee that your requested style will be in stock. If that's the case we will contact you before continuing your order.

2.5 Inches