Vector Signature Formula-14 Butane Refills, 320ml

By: Vector

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  • 320ml
  • Vector's Classic Vtane Formula, 12x Refined
  • Multi-Purpose Butane
  • 12-Piece Display Available (Scroll to Info)

Vector is a world-class leader in providing pure & filtered butane to fill a number of applications. These cans of Vector Signature Butane are filled with Vector's finest: Formula-14, where the butane is specially formulated and cold-filtered through a 14-step process for maximum purity.

Even better, Vector's Formula-14 is designed to help clear the jets on lighters which have been clogged by inferior fuel.

When you want to get the most out of your butane torch lighters or other butane powered devices, trust Vector to deliver the best.

Interested in learning how to refill your lighters with Vector Butane? Follow the instructions below, also included on every can.

447ml Refill Available

Get more Butane in our 447ml-sized refill. We carry Vector Signature Formula-14 Jumbo Butane Refills, 447ml to offer more butane for your applications. If you need more butane at once, check it out today.

12 Piece Display Case Available

Receive a FREE display case when you purchase 12 of these Vector Classic Vtane Butane Refills!

Simply add 12 of this product to your cart and, after checking out, you will receive your butane in a closed case ready to be opened and distributed.

Lighter Refilling Instructions

Follow these instructions for easy refilling. Ensure your torch lighters last the longest with Vector butane.

  1. Adjust the flame to low.
  2. Bleed fuel tank by pressing down on the lighter refill valve until hissing sound stops.
  3. Shake refill can to check if it contains gas.
  4. Hold both refill can and lighter upside down in each hand.
  5. Push refill nozzle firmly all the way into the lighter refill valve and hold for 15-20 seconds.
  6. Repeat the step #5 above 2-3 times for more complete filling.
  7. Wait until lighter reaches room temperature before igniting (5-10 minutes is recommended).
  8. Reset the flame height adjuster to a proper position.
  9. After every refill, hold lighter away from face and body when first lighting.


Ensure your safety when using this product by observing the following:

  • Do not puncture, burn, or expose to temperature exceeding 120° F.
  • Use only in well ventilated areas.
  • Keep away from sunlight.
  • Do not use near flame or while smoking.
  • Do not store near heat source.
  • Empty out entire contents before discarding.
  • Carefully read and follow refilling instructions before each usage.


  • Use only as directed. Keep away from children.
  • Cancer and reproductive-harm. Learn more at
  • Deliberately inhaling the contents may be harmful or even fatal.
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