Waxmaid Green Silicone Straight Neck Bubbler

By: Waxmaid

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Unbreakable, dismantlable, and includes a handy metal clip to hold your lighter; the Waxmaid Silicone Straight Neck Bubbler is a great easy to clean bong that will last you years!

This straight neck bong has a honeycomb perc inside. When it's time to clean, just pull the top straight off and the removable perc can be taken out for easy cleaning. Just throw this whole water pipe in your dishwasher for hassle-free cleanup!

A stemless design means less pieces to worry about breaking. The joint on this bong is 19mm, but includes a glass adapter to make it ready for your favorite 14mm accessories. These bubbler bongs include a dry herb bowl for immediate use, but also works great with a banger if you like to dab.

Premium silicone construction means this bong can survive drops, falls, kicks, and other abuses without breaking. Silicone can also withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees, so there's no need to worry about hitting it with a direct torch flame.

Speaking of flames, every Waxmaid Silicone Straight Neck Bubbler includes a magnet near its connection joint to attach and hold your favorite lighter or dab tool!

Body Shape:
Straight Cylinder
Joint Size:
14mm (with Downstem)
Joint Gender:
Perc Style:
Magnetic Clip