Wild Berry Stick Incense Bags

By: Wild Berry

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Branded Packaging for Stick Incense

Keep your Wild Berry Incense fresh with these zip-sealed bags perfectly sized to hold your Wild Berry Stick Incense. Each are branded with the Wild Berry logo and accompanying branding text.

These bags measure 2" wide by 12" tall plus 3/4" above the zip.

100-Count Bundles Available

Purchase 100 of these baggies to receive them all packed in a large bag, keeping them close and convenient; ideal for shops carrying incense and similar goodies.

1,000 Piece Bulk Box Available for Purchase

Wholesale customers, to fully stock your store purchase 1,000 of these baggies to receive 10 bagged bundles of 100, all 1,000 baggies, packaged in a convenient box.