Wooden Rainbow Flip-Top Dugout

By: Waraich Hardwood, Inc.

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  • Flip-Top Design
  • Includes 3-Inch Taster
  • Multi-Colored Body

Keep your tobacco and herb blends close by your side with this unique-looking Rainbow Smoke System, featuring layer upon layer of colored wood sandwiched together for a colorful appearance. Each face is made from natural wood, so no two share the same pattern.

The lid of these Smoke Systems is held close by a magnet, one just strong enough to keep the lid closed yet weak enough to be opened with a simple flick of the finger. Once it's opened, the 3-inch Taster pops up to be gripped and used. All you have to do is fill up the tip with your herb your choice, place your lips on the mouthpiece, light it up and enjoy! Once you have finished using the pipe, it can easily be emptied and discreetly slipped into the case once again and tucked away into a pocket.