14mm Male Reclaimer Adapter with Removable Vial

By: Downtown Hookah Connection

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Reclaim and Reuse

Enhance your oil rig with this Male-Jointed GOG Reclaimer with Detachable Vial!

  • 14mm Male Joints
  • Unused Dabs Collect in Removable Vial
  • Convert your Female Rig into a Male
  • Angled to Ease Collection

Reclaiming unused portions of oils or concentrates is as easy as putting this accessory between your banger and your rig! The 14mm Male joint on this accessory will fit most rigs, being an industry standard size; and its detachable vial, simply attachedon with the included clip, can be easily removed so its contents can be reclaimed and reused! It has a Male Joint to fit onto your rig and a Male Joint at the opposite end to fit Female accessories such as your favorite nail or banger.

Reclaim your unused oils and concentrates, don't let them slip away! Order a reclaimer and save cleaning time, expenses, and product!

Convert Female Joints to Male

This Reclaimer Adapter sports 14mm Male joints on both ends, meaning that you can slide this into your favorite female-jointed dab rig and use your favorite 14mm female accessories!

If you already have a male rig, grab our 14mm Female Reclaimer Adapter instead of this Male version.

Female-Jointed Adapter Available

With its male joints, this accessory is ideal for female rigs. If you have a male rig and want to use a reclaimer like this, we have one! Check it out:


  • Material: Glass
  • Input Joint: 14mm Male, 90 Degree
  • Output Joint: 14mm Male, 60 Degree
  • Features:
    • Removable Glass Vial
Joint Size:
Joint Gender: