18" Biggie Incense Burner Scoop

By: Designs by Deekay

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  • 18" long. 
  • Perfect for outdoor events, to burn long-lasting Biggie incense sticks. 
  • Wooden incense scoop with red staining. 

Let's say you're hosting a large outdoor event. A birthday, a wedding, a party of any kind; and you want to have some of the best smelling incense to sweeten the air. Regular incense sticks only last about 30 minutes, not nearly long enough to be effective. Biggie sticks, though, last for 3 hours! But how do you use Biggie incense sticks tastefully, without staking them in the ground or fitting them in small, conventional incense burners and having the ashes spill onto your white tablecloths?

Finally here's an answer, the biggest incense scoop we carry and made for biggie sticks: the 18" Biggie Incense Burner Scoop!

Made just like a conventional incense scoop but almost twice as long, these wooden incense holders will make your next outdoor event a rousing success! Pair them with our best Wild Berry Biggie Incense and have your next outdoor party smelling amazing!

Alternatively, burn 3 hours of incense in your own home!