Scoop Incense Burner with Assorted Brass Inlaid Designs

By: Designs by Deekay

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All You Need to Enjoy Incense, for under $1

Yes, there are more extravagant burners out there. There are metal ones, there are towering ones, there are some that can hold 5 sticks at once. But to truly enjoy incense to its fullest, all you need is a place to put it and something to catch the ashes. These Scoop Incense Burners are all you truly need and cost less than one dollar. With a small hole on one end to hold most stick incense and a long wooden body with a slight channel to funnel the ashes into, this little burner can help you enjoy incense as often as you want. And cleaning is a breeze: just empty the ashes into the trash and wipe clean when necessary.

Available in various designs, the wood of these scoops have brass inlay to decorate them and add a touch of character to the otherwise plain scoop.