32mm 3 Part Autobot Grinder


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Take a trip back to the simpler, early 90's Saturday mornings with this Autobot Grinder, featuring a classic icon on both its top and bottom! The grinder has an awkward rectangle shape to spin, but once you get used to it this can be a fun, themed addition to your repertoire. 

The grinder is designed with 2 chambers:

  • Open the top to find the grinding chamber, which has a mesh screen at the bottom to keep all the herbs in this chamber;
  • Unscrew the center piece to reveal the pollen collection chamber at the bottom, where the finer dust from your grinds will fall through, ready to collect.

Each grinder comes in a nice jewelry box for storage or gifting. These grinders are each colored in a brushed Rose Gold with glossy accents.

These grinders measures 1.5" wide, .75" tall, and 2.125" deep.