Grav 58mm 3 Part Aluminum Grinder


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Count on Grav to equip you with the best gear money can buy.

This three-piece grinder is made from anodized aerospace aluminum, precision CNC milled to offer computer-precise fitting inside and out. Each of the teeth inside have been meticulously designed to optimize grinding leaves, herbs, or flowers to the perfect degree.

The magnetic clasp holding the top in place allows it to easily stay closed and rotate freely to grind, and be removed as easily as it stays in place.

Three-Piece Body

With only a three-piece construction, lacking the convenience of a pollen screen, this grinder is slim and sleek, not seeming of an outstanding size and being convenient to slip into a pocket. The two chambers sandwiched between the three parts are a grinding chamber at the top and a storage compartment at the bottom. Also included with this grinder is a Pollen Scoop, so designed to help move pollen out of every nook and cranny. Speaking of corners, the internal edges of the storage compartment are all perfectly rounded so nothing could get stuck in a corner.

Available in Assorted Colors

These Aluminum Three-Piece Grinders are available in assorted colors.

Perfect Dugout Companion

A grinder is a perfect companion for any smoker, but a grinder as sleek as this deserves a worthy companion. If you're looking for a portable smoking system with the same aesthetic as this grinder, check out our Grav Aluminum Dugout. Palm-sized, portable, and including a matching one-hitter bat, it can be filled with your freshly ground material and packed away to travel with you out on the town. Visit the Grav Dugout page today, or browse our wide selection of Smoke Systems to find the perfect match for you.

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