710 Plus CCell .5 ml Glass Cartridge

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Durable Glass & Metal Cartridge

  • .5 ml Volume
  • Ceramic CCell Core
  • 510 Thread
  • 25 Piece Display Available

If you want a vaporizer cartridge that will last thanks to durable and high-quality components, 710 has the perfect match for you. This cartridge is made of a glass chamber flanked by a metal mouthpiece and threaded insert. Refilling is simple and spill-proof utilizing both a screw-on top and two o-rings. Simply drip your favorite e-juice inside of the chamber, allow it to be soaked into its heat-efficient ceramic core, and enjoy full taste from your vaporized liquids.


Ceramic Core

Unlike silica-wick cores, which wear out not only with excessive e-juice but also through typical heating, a ceramic core can heat evenly and quickly and facilitates cleaning.

Round, Metal Mouthpiece

Other cartridges may have flat mouthpieces, but the round design of this piece is easy to enjoy and fiddle with. With the mouthpiece being screwed into place and securely held with two o-rings, there's no risk of it being pulled out accidentally or your experience being ruined by venting vapor or leaking liquids.

Leak Resistant, Glass-Walled Chamber

Capable of holding ½ milliliter of e-juice surrounding the central chamber, the glass this cartridge is composed of is thick-walled and leak resistant thanks to the strong seams keeping it held in and the mouthpiece secured on top. No matter how much it shakes or rattles, not a single drop will spill out.

510 Thread

This cartridge utilizes the industry-standard 510 threading, allowing it to be quickly and easily screwed onto most batteries and accessories.

25-Piece Display Box Available

Ordering 25 of these cartridges will get you a sealed display box containing all 25 710 Glass Cartridges, perfect for putting on a store shelf or removing to fill a shelf.


  • 0.5 ml Capacity
  • 2.0 mm Wicking Holes
  • 1.5 ohm Resistance
  • 510 Threaded Connection